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Please send your question regarding birdbaths or water (misters, drippers, ponds) etc in your backyard to water@birdzilla.com. We'll answer as many as we can and post selected answers here.

Q. How can I attract hummingbirds with water?
DF - Atlanta, GA

A. Hummingbirds love to leaf bathe. Add a leaf mister to your backyard habitat to encourage hummers to enjoy your yard more.

Bill Fintel is owner of Avian Aquatics, the leader in water-for-birds in the backyard. Avian Aquatics products include birdbaths, misters, drippers and related items. Bill and his staff provide the expert advice found here.

You can purchase Avian Aquatics products from Bird Baths Unlimited, a Birdzilla.com specialty shop. Bird Baths Unlimited also features a large selection of pedestal, in-ground and hanging birdbaths, specialty baths and accessories.

Q. Is my birdbath going to promote the spread of West Nile Virus?
JJ - Dallas, TX

A. West Nile virus is primarily spread through the bite of a mosquito. Change the water in your birdbath once a week and the mosquito larvae will not have time to develop.

Q. What should I use to clean the green mold / scum from my birdbath?
SA - Albany, NY

A. Use a 10% bleach and water solution. Rinse with copious amounts of water after cleaning to make sure all the cleaning solution has been removed.

Q. Will freezing damage my birdbath?
TJ - Rome, California

A. Does it get that cold in California? Most birdbaths can be damaged if the water freezes. You can either drain your bath for the winter or install a birdbath heater. Heaters are available from many of the bird specialty stores.

In areas that temperatures drop below freezing for extended periods it is often a great help to the birds to provide them with a source of available water.

Q. Which kind of bath attracts more birds?
SA - Albany, NY

A. To some extent this depends on the bird, its normal foraging area and the size of the birds. Smaller birds often prefer smaller and shallower baths and leaf bathing (misters are a good water source) is often utilized.

In-ground baths most closely resemble natural water sources and are probably the best overall choice for attracting the largest number and variety of birds.


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